02 August
pine nut oil siberian cedar: $35 - product's photo
$ 35 / per 1 liter

Pine Nut Oil Siberian Cedar: $35

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Russia, ALTAY, Barnaul
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Pine Nut Oil Siberian Cedar
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Packed, Organic
Product description
The producer of vegetable oil from Siberia (Russia), natural products for your needs. A unique, tasty and very useful product from Nature itself! the food cedar nut oil from siberian cedar. obtained by cold pressing. l minimum order: 200l Prophylactic use of: - As an immunostimulant in various manifestations of ill health or lack of vitamins; - Bracing means to eliminate the syndrome of chronic fatigue, improve physical and mental capacity; - For prevention of age-related diseases such as atherosclerosis, diseases of the digestive organs, heart. Therapeutic applications: - Helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and inhibits the development of atherosclerosis; - Is an effective additional tool in the treatment of arterial hypertension; - Has a normalizing effect on blood vessel walls, improves cerebral and peripheral circulation; - Reduces or eliminates the violations of fat metabolism; - Provide effective assistance at diseases of the digestive system (Erosive and ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, cholecystitis); - Plays an active role in the nutrition and maintenance of normal life of the growing child's body; - Breastfeeding mothers to improve lactation, and pregnancy to full natal development of the child; - For the normalization of sexual function and endocrine glands; - Beneficial effect in diseases of the skin, burns, frostbite; - Is an immunostimulant and bracing tool, reduces chronic fatigue syndrome; - To slow the aging process, improve skin tone and power. Thanks to this set of nutrients for human health, it is possible recommend Pine nut oil: For internal use: - For everyday use in the food (to enter into sauces, condiments, dressings for salads, pastries); - As a vitamin supplement to the food, as part of multivitamin; - Part of balms and medicines; - Supplements; For external use: - Cosmetics, hair care and body; - Massage oils. Contraindications Siberian Pine Nut oil, being a natural

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