B2B Global Food Marketplace
Make business faster!
Online Global wholesale food marketplace (platform):
Marketplace not involved in the deals – only connects directly buyers and sellers from all over the world;

The project is actively growing, for today:

more than 1 200
companies from around the world
It is placed
more than 11 000
announcements about buying / selling wholesale lots of food products
Business for solutions
Trading companies
Our purpose
1. Create an innovative platform on big data to connect sellers (producers) and buyers
(wholesalers - distributors) from around the world
2. Make B2B food supply chain process easy, transparent and reliable
World Food Market
The market volume in trillions of USD
Main problems
1. Difficult access to new markets, expensive wholesale customer search
2. Lack of transparent information about suppliers and their products
3. A difficult and expensive procedure for the performance of trading operations
Our Solutions
1. We connect wholesale buyers / sellers from different countries
2. Create a transparent ecosystem of reputation suppliers and their products
3. We create a unified system of contracts, invoicing and financial transactions on the blockchain (in the near future)
We create opportunities:
To expand into new markets (countries)
To found the best prices
To promote a products
To receive profitable offers from logistics companies, exhibitions, financial organizations, etc.
We have a strong, small team:
CEO – Head of strategy;
Head of technical operations;
Head of product;
Marketing & Community manager;
Digital analytic;

Plus several advisers from the FMCG industry.
The lack of a budget does not allow us a large-scale development, but even with such opportunities we have created a product that is liked by hundreds of companies from around the world.
Road map
Implementation of new service tools
Global Promotion
Development of partner programs (exhibitions, logistics, banks, etc.)
Building a Global Agent Network
Introduction of blockchain technologies
Project monetization
The service generates cash flow like a standard marketplace:
Premium accounts (Gold supplier);
Services to increase sales;
Internal advertising;
Selling analytical data;
programs (exhibitions, logistics, etc.);
Smart contracts fee;
Transaction fee;
% of guaranteed deals.
Our competitors
There is one big competitor is a global marketplace (capitalization of 450 billion USD), where the segment of food and agriculture occupies only 5%. Due to its scale, it can not provide high-quality services in this market segment.
Also there are several small local competitors
Also there are several small local competitors
The nearest perspective
We are considering the possibility of implementing blockchain technology in our project
Smart Asset System (smart contracts with multi-signatures);
Smart Legal Invoice;
Fast, reliable, inexpensive crypto system transaction;
Transparent ecosystem (company reputation, certification, transaction history, product reviews);
Escrow accounts, where property, documents or cash can be accounted for before certain circumstances arise;
And other potential blockchain opportunities.
For investors
The project is in the global market segment;
The development and scaling potential is huge;
Our team is professional, active and knows how to achieve the maximum;
We planning to reach operating profit within 2 years;
Our goal is to create a company's capitalization of 300 million USD within 3 to 5 years;
All investments will go strictly on the development of the company under control escrow agent.
We are looking for partners, investors, representative (partners) in the region (country), advisors for the global development of the project
We are looking for investments, the conditions are discussed individually
Also we will be grateful for the donations, in case of success, all the donors will receive a significant bonus
All funds will be spent on the development and scale-up of the project
If you have any ideas
or desire to work on
a project, please