24 March
ice cream russian: $1-5/kg - product's photo
$ 1 / per 1 kg.

Ice Cream RUSSIAN: $1-5/kg

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Russia, ALTAY, Barnaul
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Packed, Inorganic
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True Russian ice cream, 100% quality guarantee! (+ SWEETS: candy and Chocolate Russian) You will be pleasantly surprised by the unique taste and unforgettable emotions from such a product! This is a very tasty and useful treat because such ice cream is made only from fresh and natural ingredients by the most Russian traditions of producing sweet and ice cream! Wide choice of packaging forms and mixtures of flavors: - Creamy - vanilla - chocolate - coconut - strawberry - banana - berry - Fruity and others! Edible packaging from aflis and biodegradable outer packaging made of cardboard! Excellent choice and quality of the product! Deliveries directly from the manufacturer. Conditions of shipment and prices for the Arrangement and the request. We are looking for large distributors with their own network in the country. Shipment from 50 tons of product per month from a warehouse or port in Russia.

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