11 June
fir essential oil $18/kg - product's photo
$ 18 / per 1 kg.

Fir essential oil $18/kg

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Company name
Product located
Russia, ALTAY, Barnaul
Brand name
Fir needle oil Siberia
Product features
High quality of Russia (100% NATURAL Siberian)
Product status
Raw materials
Product type
Packed, Organic
Primary package
Amount in the package
180 kg. per tank
Shelf life
1 months
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
Fir essential Oil Supply Type: OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing) Brand Name: Siberian Fir needle oil Available Quantity: top grade Type: Pure Essential Oil Raw Material: Leaves Ingredient: Siberian Fir (100% natural) Bornyl acetate: up 33% Specific Gravity, g/sm³: 0,913 Refractive Index: 1,469 Acid value ( mgKOH/g ): 0,30 top grade (the content of bornylacetate from 30-33%) for medicine and cosmetics You might be interested in cooperation in the supply of products from Russia! BEST OFFER from Russia! Our company works in the field of preparation, production, packaging, import, export and logistics, customs clearance and international trade. We are pleased to offer you our services in the implementation in your country NATURAL and ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly products manufactured in Russia. Products have no GMO and naturally grown. All products are certified and have the permits on the quality. The products are very safe and beneficial effect on health and bring joy to the present taste. You can rest assured in the quality of goods we offer. Fir needle oil Siberia The cost of Siberian Fir oil: top grade (the content of bornylacetate from 30-33%) for medicine and cosmetics, from 1KG = $18 For export of Fir sibirica oil we ship in special barrels with UN standards (180 kg), processing all Export document and we do delivery to any port in Russia (the port in your country is calculated separately), provide all certificates of authenticity and quality according to international standards. Minimum order is 200L (net). If you are willing to order in one shipment volume of more than 5 000 kg we will negotiate a lower cost.

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