10 March
candy and chocolate russian, 100% natural: $3-4/kg - product's photo
$ 3 / per 1 kg.

Candy and Chocolate RUSSIAN, 100% Natural: $3-4/kg

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Russia, ALTAY, Barnaul
Product type
Packed, Organic
Shipment terms
Product description
Russian Candy and Chocolate, 100% Natural from Russia (Siberia) We supply Candy and Chocolate from Russia. Our company has a distribution agreement for the sale of products abroad as an Exporter. And our company will conclude and make a deal with the Client. Excellent quality and excellent taste. Wide assortment and possibility of a choice of the different form and taste, a stuffing and structure. Manufactured specifically in Russia in the best traditions of natural and quality ingredients. The assortment includes: - Chocolate bars with different fillings (walnut, nougat, berries, etc.) - Chocolate tiles white and milky with stuffing and without stuffing - Soft Grillage with different flavors - Lollipops and caramel - various other sweets Production: Russia, Siberia Altai region. Shipment from a warehouse in Russia (Exporter's warehouse), port in Russia or the port of the country of the Client, as agreed. Individual delivery calculation by agreement with the Client. Detailed Price and terms of delivery by Inquiry. The total volume can be from 50 tons per month. << PAYMENT TERMS >> T/T << MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY >> 20ft container

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